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Andean Masters

“Ayllu K'anchaq Qoyllur”

Andean Masters

“Ayllu K'anchaq Qoyllur”

Andean Masters

“Ayllu K'anchaq Qoyllur”

Andean Masters

“Ayllu K'anchaq Qoyllur”

Andean Masters

“Ayllu K'anchaq Qoyllur”

“Ayllu K'anchaq Qoyllur”

Vision and Values

Visión y Valores

Andean Masters

“Ayllu K'anchaq Qoyllur”

Andean Masters

“Ayllu K'anchaq Qoyllur”

AYLLU KANCHAQ QOYLLUR (community light stars)

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At “AKQ” we are a group of Andean teachers that come from different areas and towns, and who possesses diverse specialties which originated in our ancestors the Inkas and pre Inka cultures.


Seeing the spiritual needs of our brothers and the people of our current world, an organization was created “AYLLU K’ANCHAQ QOYLLUR” to serve as a central source and altar for the spirits of light and the mother Pachamama from where knowledge, teachings and sacred spiritual practices flow and manifest through the teachers, Paqos, priests and Andean Hamawt’as.

Another reason for this to happen is for us to be able to maintain, preserve and make available our Andean spiritual traditions to the world. We have been directly authorized and guided by the supreme spirits, since we are their inheritance and that of our ancestors to continue exercising the path of the Andean teachers.

All of our spiritual activities are based on Andean principles that come directly from the spirits themselves and are put to use for the good of our brothers and sisters who come to the Ayllu to study the path of the Andean teachers, to seek help and to look for answers for their spiritual lives.


“AKQ” is a group or Ayllu of Andean teachers who are direct descendants of our Andean grandfathers (Ch’aucho Pacha MaCeremonia oficialchulakuna) and also from our Inka grandfathers from whom we got and learned our knowledge and sacred practices which we now teach.

As children of a great and rich legacy we value and respect all that was left to us by our ancestors (material and intangible) All of it lives deeply rooted in the minds and hearts of the teachers. In this sense each teacher at AKQ has a function and specialty to show and share with the disciples or whoever is willing to learn on the spiritual path of the Andean world.

Teachers at AKQ always work and teach respecting the superior spirits, Apus and Pachamamas, and all the other teachers of different cultures and traditions that are on the earth.

Also, everyone in the Ayllu is a spiritual brother or sister. We are all united by the same principles and cosmic laws to conduct teachings and practices in peace and harmony while keeping a strong spiritual and energetic connection.

The techniques and skills of each teacher are combined to continue with the teaching process and practices, so they should be followed by the students and those who partake according to the level or area to which they belong.



At “AKQ” almost everyone embarks on journeys to the different energetic and spiritual destinations, the sacred spots of the ancestors where one can work and fulfill the individual   spiritual tasks.

To this end our personal team at AKQ is always available and willing to help and facilitate services, acting in a responsible manner and under a system of values which sets us apart in all of our journeys. This allows us to be successful on our sacred missions to the Andean mountains.

Our people feel a deep commitment toward the saying: “To be in Thaj Kay (peace and harmony) with oneself is the surest path to be in peace and harmony with the members of the Ayllu”

We help to share, take care and built with: willingness, trust, unity and harmony the riches of life, nature, Pachamama and the path of the teachers while we look to make sense of our existence (Sumay Kausay)

As we all fulfill our spiritual activities and tasks along with the Andean teachers, there are parallel actions being managed, such as administration and organization of all logistics involving transportation, food supply, camping, guiding, translations and other things which offer support to those who are focused in spiritual practices.

In this sense Ayllu “AKQ” has at its disposition equipments and services which are necessary to be able to travel and make sure the journeys are comfortable and beneficial for all.



In our Ayllu we respect our forbearers’ traditions and their historical-cultural legacy. As some of you may already know, our Andean culture is rich in wisdom, medicinal practices, and folklore. In it we can find the divine sources to the continuity of the spiritual path and to our transformation. For this reason, we are pioneers in the maintenance and practice of our Andean tradition.


Since the mountains of the Peruvian Andes and its sacred places allow us to enjoy their environment and richness, we respect and value nature. Therefore, during each of our trips we care for and contribute to its conservation and work to bring awareness to the Andean peoples of the importance of good environmental stewardess. We identify with the care and preservation of Andean ecosystems since our spiritual richness resides in it and it provides us with everything we need to live.



Our main call at AYLLU K’ANCHAQ QOYLLUR is to collaborate to, help and promote the wellbeing of our brothers and sister who inhabit remote and forgotten areas of our country. In this way we practice our Inka ancestors’ mantra called AYNI (Andean reciprocity) which brings satisfaction and peace to our hearts and a renewed sense of commitment to the work we do.

Our trips are unforgettable experiences in which each one of us has the opportunity to participate in AYNI. We exchange and share ideas, suggestions, products and knowledge in a way that brings us satisfaction and renews our unconditional commitment to collaborate in whatever is necessary with our brothers and sisters in these remote communities.


A brother or a friend is family to us, therefore, they are the axis to our team, whom we creatively join in their spiritual experiences and learning and whom we share our spiritual traditions with. Our retreats are organized under a system designed with complete and total trust and responsibility and in which we take into consideration the travelers’ needs and preferences. We are always willing and ready to provide our brothers, sisters and students with the best we have to give.